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Veritas: Ransomware Fears

Across the IT sector, ransomware is a primary source of fear. Though for this campaign, we flipped that narrative on its head. Bolstering the day-to-day champions behind the scenes and on the front lines. Because it’s these dedicated IT heroes that hold the line—giving notice that Ransomware is the one who needs to be afraid.

The primary objective of this campaign was brand awareness. Targeting three key job titles responsible for different aspects of enterprise data protection; Cloud Architect, Backup Admin, and VP/Director of IT.

Combining bold messaging with a striking stencil iconography, this campaign broke through the clutter of a crowded category and introduced prospective customers to the Veritas portfolio of data solutions.

Explainer videos that expanded on Veritas’ product benefits were utilized on the campaign web page and on Veritas social channels.

Demand Gen banners were heavily promoted throughout paid and organic media, driving to next steps and solution based reports. While multi-touch emails were sent to target account lists in key regions.

The campaign theme seamlessly extended to in-person events—as the bold look and messaging drew in curious IT professionals, and became a catalyst for conversation at AWS re:Invent.

Swag was also gifted to booth visitors, helping to populate laptops, lanyards and booth visitors.

The Ransomware Fears look and feel was also extended into a series of international conferences promoted through an extensive social awareness campaign.

Toyota: Olympics

When Nor-Cal Toyota asked me to juggle an Olympic sponsorship and winter resort tie-in, I didn’t want to replicate the typical skiing + car footage commercial. Instead, I wanted to celebrate the region’s deep, yet overlooked, Olympic history with an informative docu-style journey. Complemented with the extremely personable, and Nor-Cal gold medalist, Jonny Moseley.

Nor-Cal Toyota teamed up with Jonny Moseley to promote the resort through social media posts. The posts increased awareness of the resort and boosted campaign engagement.

Sponsorship extended to wrapping the resort’s main funitel lift, in addition to skinning a local Toyota microsite that housed special offers, ticket giveaways and a live webcam to check on snow conditions.

The use of Olympic Marks, Terminology and Imagery is authorized by the U.S. Olympic Committee pursuant to Title 36 U.S. Code Section 220506

Meta: Oculus & Facebook AR/VR

As a leader in AR/VR, Meta is continually releasing new products and features. The biggest ones get main stage time and floor space at the annual F8 and Oculus Connect conferences. The videos below were created to support these high visibility moments. My role included art direction, scriptwriting, creative direction, and editorial review.

Oculus: Save to VR

The AR/VR team was launching a new feature that made it easy to save immersive content like 360 videos and 3D photos from Facebook Feed, to an Oculus library, and then seamlessly experience it in VR later. This video captures that fun and ease of use.

RED + Facebook 360: Manifold

RED, the camera manufacturer, partnered with Facebook 360, to develop a first-of-its-kind, 16-lens, 6DoF camera called Manifold. To support its launch at Oculus Connect, this assignment involved two tracks: The first, to create an in-booth video to highlight its tech specs and form factor; and second, to produce a short immersive 360° film to showcase its unbelievable capabilities.

RED + Facebook 360: The Complex

To take advantage of Manifold’s full 360° range — and optimize for viewing in Oculus headsets — we scripted and shot a one-minute, continuous-action scene with 20+ characters and numerous overlapping storylines.

RED + Facebook 360: The Wiggle

Excerpts from the Complex were shown in isolation to demonstrate how the Manifold camera gives filmmakers the unprecedented ability to achieve a parallax separation between foreground and background objects.

AR Studio: Camera AR

The Camera AR team was set to release an array of new developer tools at F8. To make their presentation pop, we created a series of 15 short use case videos that combined live action and graphical simulations of the new features and effects.

AR/VR Content Ecosystem

Mixing live action and visual effects, this upbeat video demonstrates how rich content like 360 photos and 3D images can be seamlessly experienced across multiple touch points — from News Feed to AR camera to VR headset. It supported a main stage presentation at F8.

Point Cloud

A “Point Cloud” is a 3D virtual representation of a real-world environment. Facebook AR/VR was working to integrate point clouds with Facebook News Feed and Oculus headsets as an enhanced way to share and experience memories. For its debut at F8, the product team wanted a way that conveyed the emotional power of this upcoming feature.

Veritas: Alta

Veritas Alta is a comprehensive suite of cloud data services introduced as a sub-brand within the Veritas ecosystem. My responsibility involved crafting the brand identity for Alta—aiming to rejuvenate Veritas’ traditional ‘legacy image’ through this innovative product line.

In approaching the new brand, I wanted to maintain a familial link with the corporate brand. This included retaining the distinct Veritas letterforms and retaining the brand’s signature red color—though infusing it with a vibrant purple hue for a more contemporary upgrade. Additionally, I looked to integrate the three core pillars of the Alta offering: Data Protection, Application Resiliency, and Governance/Compliance—represented by the three stripes within the ‘A’.

Following the logo development, it was important for Alta’s applications to seamlessly align with the new look and feel. Pivoting from the previous Veritas circle icons, I opted for the more modern chiclet look and incorporated the established Alta gradient. Ultimately, developing a set of 14 product icons that comprise the Alta platform.

To introduce the Alta story and have it resonate with our target IT audience, we wrote and produced this high-energy launch video to premiere at AWS re:Invent.

Subsequently, to build awareness and better define Alta’s benefits, we developed a series of fourteen distinct product explainers. These introductory videos also helped establish and build out Alta’s new aesthetic. As the video content was used broadly online and in social posts, the visual elements were extensively adapted for Alta’s asset library.

As intended, the new Alta aesthetic was a significant departure from the established Veritas look and feel. To fold the new brand into, the site’s architecture had to be revisited—as a dedicated section was developed, the Alta look and feel was extended further through extensive editorial oversight and additional curated graphics.

We built out a comprehensive library of social graphics, animations, and out-of-home elements that could be downloaded and distributed across multiple channels by regional sales teams.

The Alta brand was also adapted in a number of fun and authentic ways, from event giveaways to at-work swag.

Veritas: Conquer Every Cloud

As a global technology company, Veritas holds large annual events to engage with customers, partners, and analysts. Though when Covid hit, we pivoted to a virtual model and launched Conquer Every Cloud as the identity for our top-tier event that ran for three years. Refining with each year, we strayed from the traditionally stale corporate videos, to create an entertaining and talked about event—developing a humorous through-line and leaning into our talented hosts. To help bring this to life, I developed the branding, and worked on naming, positioning, scriptwriting, and overall creative direction.

Year Three

For the latest Conquer Every Cloud, we were fortunate to have actor and comedian Ken Jeong as our guest host. Leveraging his often brazen comedy approach, we wrote a variety of intertwined segments to thread in-between the more technical portions. Below is a compilation of Ken’s segments, starting with an Oscar worthy cold open.

To make the most of Ken’s participation, we scripted a number of short social teasers. Each one was subsequently released on Ken’s social channels, building a broader interest for the event.

Social media and email templates were developed for global stakeholders to utilize in channel and field markets.

Marketing touchpoints converged to a Veritas event page for the main broadcast, plus seven in-depth technical breakout sessions. The final show and all segments were also available post event, for on demand viewing.

Year Two

The second Conquer Every Cloud featured actor Simu Liu as our good-natured guest host—right off his box-office success with Marvel. For this production we garnered both creative and production control, overseeing the entire event— breaking with tradition to develop a scripted storyline wrapping the event.

We scripted several short teasers for Simu and used them in our social channels.

Year One

The first Conquer Every Cloud, amid the throws of Covid, we partnered with a production company to manage the event. We did not have a formal host, however, it did feature several special guests including; physicist/futurist Michio Kaku, astronaut Scott Kelly, football hall of famer Steve Young, and a live performance by Train.

Veritas: Control Your Data

This campaign theme was derived from strategic insight into the daily struggles of our target audience; CIO, CTO, VP/Director IT—to handle the ever-growing risk and complexity of multi-cloud data management. The campaign objective was to grab attention to engage awareness and initiate demand.

The simple and compelling value propositions were delivered through a mix of social, display, and video ads—including high-impact video ads on LinkedIn that elevated the storytelling and response for the campaign.

Demand ads were used in retargeting to promote individual content pieces, complementing the awareness ads and providing practical next steps.

The messaging structure and design style of this campaign made it easy to extend across languages and regions. It ran in key markets including France, Spain, Germany, the Nordics, China, Korea, and Japan.

The bold style of the campaign was easily extended into live events and cross-channel​​​​​​​ continuity.

Meta: What’s Happening @

With over 60,000 employees globally, Meta needed a way to communicate internal information that was relatable and easy-to-consume. Working with the Global Internal Comms team, serving as Head Writer and co-Creative Director, I helped plan, brand, and launch the What’s Happening @ channel—an entertaining and informative hub where employees can enjoy the latest company news, cultural zeitgeist, and insider perspectives. Within the first year of production, we released over 100+ original pieces of video content for a lineup of four regularly scheduled shows:

The Blast

A monthly news show highlighting notable company headlines and key cultural moments — delivered with humor and good cheer by the dynamic host. The format includes a 1-on-1 interview segment featuring top executives as guests.

Inside Out

This monthly interview-style show was focused on getting to know the many different teams across Facebook and highlighting the innovative, and often unseen, work they do. In each episode we meet the team leader and key team members, framing their unique story through a distinctive narrative theme.

Say Wh@t?

This light-hearted monthly show travels the world to different offices for a playful Q&A with the people who work there. It’s a fun way to give employees a sense of connection to each other while offering a snapshot of the company psyche in action.

Behind the Scenes

This quarterly show provides an in-depth look at the extensive planning, cross-functional collaboration, and logistical choreography that goes into pulling off large-scale company initiatives, such as the annual F8 and Oculus Connect conferences.

To sustain engagement on the channel, the WH@ team also produces a steady stream of quick-hit content—this includes promotional videos, GIFs, collateral, commercials for company events, and fun competitions.

Additionally, to help maximize our reach across Facebook’s internal social platform, we orchestrate a cross-posting strategy with the groups and teams featured in our shows. We also encourage viewer participation through various initiatives.

Meta: Comms

Working with Meta’s internal Creative Department, I had the opportunity to partner with a number teams across the company including product, marketing, comms, and policy, to produce a wide variety of video content. My role encompassed creative concepting, scriptwriting, art direction, and editorial review.

WhatsApp for Business

The WhatsApp Business app is used by millions of small businesses worldwide. This video was created to showcase a new set of features specifically designed to serve their needs. The video was localized for multiple regions — this version ran in India.

Economic Impact

The Policy Comms team regularly engages with public officials and their staffs to explore opportunities for collaboration. This video was created to help them communicate the positive economic impact the company has on communities across the U.S.

What is a Data Center?

Meta has data centers located in communities around the world, but there is little awareness at the local level of what they do or the benefits they provide. The Engineering & Infrastructure team wanted a simple, friendly video to help with community outreach.

SEV Is Your Friend

Who doesn’t love a good training video, right? So, when the SecOps team came to us with a request for a training video about SEVs, we seized a golden opportunity to raise the bar. In particular, we looked for ways to infuse humor into our script to liven up the subject matter and make it more memorable. So what is a SEV, you ask? The answer can be found in this SEVen minute training video.

To promote the many informational and community-building programs that Meta makes available to their employees, we produced a steady stream of internal commercials and content, including; holiday videos, podcast, announcements to technical explainers—all from quirky to sincere.

Toyota: Buster

What’s the SF Giant’s ultimate all-star and nice-guy Buster Posey doing in the Toyota showroom? Making friends and closing deals, of course. We extended the reach of this fun campaign tenfold through social content, Posey Emojis, contests, and tons of in-dealer schwag. How can you not like this guy!

With the most reliable player in the MLB, paired with the all-time reliable auto brand on the market, drawing an analogy between the two wasn’t too difficult. In turn, we extended the “Buster Posey of…” parallel through broadcast, online, and in-dealer marketing.

Directing Buster through an extensive assortment of loopable expressions, I’d like to think, was most certainly the highlight of his career. These gems were distributed online and were used throughout Toyota’s social channels in response to customer comments to Giant’s play-by-plays.

In-park and online ad units were created to help promote Toyota and their local Nor-Cal social channels.

We also extended the Buster campaign into tactical executions and assorted dealer giveaways, including; three-peat foam fingers, pennants, rally flag chamois, foam balls and home plate floor clings.

Fannie Mae: App

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fannie Mae looked to develop an app to provide a definitive resource for homeowners struggling to pay their mortgages. The app offered easy-to-follow instructions with a simple user interface. I worked remotely with the copy, UX, and development teams to design the app’s look and feel and help bring it to market.

We wanted to ensure that the experience for users was friendly and easy to use. We accomplished this by using simple and straightforward headlines and wayfinding.

Based on a few initial question, the app would provide a variety of actionable steps and resources. In addition, the app could connect the user with a housing counselor to help find the best solution for the user’s situation.

We continually reviewed color and size for optimal compliance with the strictest ADA guidelines—making sure that the app met the highest standards for accessibility.

Toyota: Get Happy

Prius has been the number one selling car in California for years, and it’s also number one in owner loyalty—The majority of Prius owners remain loyal to the brand when they buy their second car. However, newcomers to the hybrid category like Tesla, VW, and Honda are starting to steal market share. So we wanted to remind Nor-Cal drivers why Prius drivers are such happy drivers with this whimsical campaign.

These clean Get Happy billboards were peppered up and down the California highways—a serendipitous message for commuters stuck in traffic.

In addition to a series of eye-catching online banners, we developed a number of curated posts with topical content like: “Top 10 Drivable California locations”.

During the campaign run, dealers and service centers gave out bumper stickers and Prius-shaped keychains. The QR code on the keychain gave access to an exclusive “happy”-themed Pandora playlist.

New car buyers were also given a reflective Get Happy sun visor to help spread the joy.

Scion needed a new site to showcase their upcoming vehicles and focus more on generating dealer leads. I oversaw the extensive redesign, approaching the project with a “three clicks away” philosophy that shaped the UX and design. The final site leveraged their bold campaign imagery, was easily scalable, loaded quickly, and vastly improved users’ brand experience.

The site’s architecture was built to seamlessly showcase ongoing marketing efforts, figuratively reskinning the site, to maintain offline and online brand continuity.

Imagery was always a primary consideration. In turn, we created a full screen gallery experience throughout the site—utilizing every pixel of screen space.

Another key consideration for our redesign was an equal user experience across tablets—requiring an extremely scalable and dynamic code base.

Post launch showed the redesign resulted in a sizable lift in both Build Your Scion configurations and Find a Dealer searches, exceeding the primary ask.