Veritas: Ransomware Fears

Across the IT sector, ransomware is a primary source of fear. Though for this campaign, we flipped that narrative on its head. Bolstering the day-to-day champions behind the scenes and on the front lines. Because it’s these dedicated IT heroes that hold the line—giving notice that Ransomware is the one who needs to be afraid.

The primary objective of this campaign was brand awareness. Targeting three key job titles responsible for different aspects of enterprise data protection; Cloud Architect, Backup Admin, and VP/Director of IT.

Combining bold messaging with a striking stencil iconography, this campaign broke through the clutter of a crowded category and introduced prospective customers to the Veritas portfolio of data solutions.

Explainer videos that expanded on Veritas’ product benefits were utilized on the campaign web page and on Veritas social channels.

Demand Gen banners were heavily promoted throughout paid and organic media, driving to next steps and solution based reports. While multi-touch emails were sent to target account lists in key regions.

The campaign theme seamlessly extended to in-person events—as the bold look and messaging drew in curious IT professionals, and became a catalyst for conversation at AWS re:Invent.

Swag was also gifted to booth visitors, helping to populate laptops, lanyards and booth visitors.

The Ransomware Fears look and feel was also extended into a series of international conferences promoted through an extensive social awareness campaign.