Meta: Oculus & Facebook AR/VR

As a leader in AR/VR, Meta is continually releasing new products and features. The biggest ones get main stage time and floor space at the annual F8 and Oculus Connect conferences. The videos below were created to support these high visibility moments. My role included art direction, scriptwriting, creative direction, and editorial review.

Oculus: Save to VR

The AR/VR team was launching a new feature that made it easy to save immersive content like 360 videos and 3D photos from Facebook Feed, to an Oculus library, and then seamlessly experience it in VR later. This video captures that fun and ease of use.

RED + Facebook 360: Manifold

RED, the camera manufacturer, partnered with Facebook 360, to develop a first-of-its-kind, 16-lens, 6DoF camera called Manifold. To support its launch at Oculus Connect, this assignment involved two tracks: The first, to create an in-booth video to highlight its tech specs and form factor; and second, to produce a short immersive 360° film to showcase its unbelievable capabilities.

RED + Facebook 360: The Complex

To take advantage of Manifold’s full 360° range — and optimize for viewing in Oculus headsets — we scripted and shot a one-minute, continuous-action scene with 20+ characters and numerous overlapping storylines.

RED + Facebook 360: The Wiggle

Excerpts from the Complex were shown in isolation to demonstrate how the Manifold camera gives filmmakers the unprecedented ability to achieve a parallax separation between foreground and background objects.

AR Studio: Camera AR

The Camera AR team was set to release an array of new developer tools at F8. To make their presentation pop, we created a series of 15 short use case videos that combined live action and graphical simulations of the new features and effects.

AR/VR Content Ecosystem

Mixing live action and visual effects, this upbeat video demonstrates how rich content like 360 photos and 3D images can be seamlessly experienced across multiple touch points — from News Feed to AR camera to VR headset. It supported a main stage presentation at F8.

Point Cloud

A “Point Cloud” is a 3D virtual representation of a real-world environment. Facebook AR/VR was working to integrate point clouds with Facebook News Feed and Oculus headsets as an enhanced way to share and experience memories. For its debut at F8, the product team wanted a way that conveyed the emotional power of this upcoming feature.