Toyota: Get Happy

Prius has been the number one selling car in California for years, and it’s also number one in owner loyalty—The majority of Prius owners remain loyal to the brand when they buy their second car. However, newcomers to the hybrid category like Tesla, VW, and Honda are starting to steal market share. So we wanted to remind Nor-Cal drivers why Prius drivers are such happy drivers with this whimsical campaign.

These clean Get Happy billboards were peppered up and down the California highways—a serendipitous message for commuters stuck in traffic.

In addition to a series of eye-catching online banners, we developed a number of curated posts with topical content like: “Top 10 Drivable California locations”.

During the campaign run, dealers and service centers gave out bumper stickers and Prius-shaped keychains. The QR code on the keychain gave access to an exclusive “happy”-themed Pandora playlist.

New car buyers were also given a reflective Get Happy sun visor to help spread the joy.