Toyota: Buster

What’s the SF Giant’s ultimate all-star and nice-guy Buster Posey doing in the Toyota showroom? Making friends and closing deals, of course. We extended the reach of this fun campaign tenfold through social content, Posey Emojis, contests, and tons of in-dealer schwag. How can you not like this guy!

With the most reliable player in the MLB, paired with the all-time reliable auto brand on the market, drawing an analogy between the two wasn’t too difficult. In turn, we extended the “Buster Posey of…” parallel through broadcast, online, and in-dealer marketing.

Directing Buster through an extensive assortment of loopable expressions, I’d like to think, was most certainly the highlight of his career. These gems were distributed online and were used throughout Toyota’s social channels in response to customer comments to Giant’s play-by-plays.

In-park and online ad units were created to help promote Toyota and their local Nor-Cal social channels.

We also extended the Buster campaign into tactical executions and assorted dealer giveaways, including; three-peat foam fingers, pennants, rally flag chamois, foam balls and home plate floor clings.