Meta: What’s Happening @

With over 60,000 employees globally, Meta needed a way to communicate internal information that was relatable and easy-to-consume. Working with the Global Internal Comms team, serving as Head Writer and co-Creative Director, I helped plan, brand, and launch the What’s Happening @ channel—an entertaining and informative hub where employees can enjoy the latest company news, cultural zeitgeist, and insider perspectives. Within the first year of production, we released over 100+ original pieces of video content for a lineup of four regularly scheduled shows:

The Blast

A monthly news show highlighting notable company headlines and key cultural moments — delivered with humor and good cheer by the dynamic host. The format includes a 1-on-1 interview segment featuring top executives as guests.

Inside Out

This monthly interview-style show was focused on getting to know the many different teams across Facebook and highlighting the innovative, and often unseen, work they do. In each episode we meet the team leader and key team members, framing their unique story through a distinctive narrative theme.

Say Wh@t?

This light-hearted monthly show travels the world to different offices for a playful Q&A with the people who work there. It’s a fun way to give employees a sense of connection to each other while offering a snapshot of the company psyche in action.

Behind the Scenes

This quarterly show provides an in-depth look at the extensive planning, cross-functional collaboration, and logistical choreography that goes into pulling off large-scale company initiatives, such as the annual F8 and Oculus Connect conferences.

To sustain engagement on the channel, the WH@ team also produces a steady stream of quick-hit content—this includes promotional videos, GIFs, collateral, commercials for company events, and fun competitions.

Additionally, to help maximize our reach across Facebook’s internal social platform, we orchestrate a cross-posting strategy with the groups and teams featured in our shows. We also encourage viewer participation through various initiatives.