Veritas: Conquer Every Cloud

As a global technology company, Veritas holds large annual events to engage with customers, partners, and analysts. Though when Covid hit, we pivoted to a virtual model and launched Conquer Every Cloud as the identity for our top-tier event that ran for three years. Refining with each year, we strayed from the traditionally stale corporate videos, to create an entertaining and talked about event—developing a humorous through-line and leaning into our talented hosts. To help bring this to life, I developed the branding, and worked on naming, positioning, scriptwriting, and overall creative direction.

Year Three

For the latest Conquer Every Cloud, we were fortunate to have actor and comedian Ken Jeong as our guest host. Leveraging his often brazen comedy approach, we wrote a variety of intertwined segments to thread in-between the more technical portions. Below is a compilation of Ken’s segments, starting with an Oscar worthy cold open.

To make the most of Ken’s participation, we scripted a number of short social teasers. Each one was subsequently released on Ken’s social channels, building a broader interest for the event.

Social media and email templates were developed for global stakeholders to utilize in channel and field markets.

Marketing touchpoints converged to a Veritas event page for the main broadcast, plus seven in-depth technical breakout sessions. The final show and all segments were also available post event, for on demand viewing.

Year Two

The second Conquer Every Cloud featured actor Simu Liu as our good-natured guest host—right off his box-office success with Marvel. For this production we garnered both creative and production control, overseeing the entire event— breaking with tradition to develop a scripted storyline wrapping the event.

We scripted several short teasers for Simu and used them in our social channels.

Year One

The first Conquer Every Cloud, amid the throws of Covid, we partnered with a production company to manage the event. We did not have a formal host, however, it did feature several special guests including; physicist/futurist Michio Kaku, astronaut Scott Kelly, football hall of famer Steve Young, and a live performance by Train.