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How do you juggle an Olympic tie-in and resort sponsorship for a Toyota campaign? Well, for starters, don’t settle for just making a standard commercial. Instead, celebrate the region’s rich and interconnected history in a docu-style journey with the extremely personable, and Nor-Cal ski hero, Jonny Moseley.





Buster Posey

What’s the SF Giant’s ultimate all-star and nice-guy, Buster Posey, doing in the Toyota showroom? Making friends and closing deals, of course. We extended the reach of this fun campaign tenfold through social content, Posey Emojis, contests, and tons of in-dealer schwag. How can you not like this guy… buy a Toyota!

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Get Happy

Prius was #1 in sales and #1 in owner loyalty, but newcomers to the hybrid category, like Tesla & Honda, were looking to steal market share. To remind everyone why Prius drivers are such happy drivers, we channeled our inner Partridge Family to produce this this upbeat campaign—even creating a custom Pandora ‘Get Happy’ channel for owners.


Wouldn't It Be Nice

Wouldn’t It Be Nice

This quirky campaign was built around the broad diversity of Nor-Cal living, from the Sierra to the Coast, from the Central Valley to the Silicone Valley, all with a simple premise: Wouldn’t it be nice to have the quality, durability and reliability of a Toyota built into your daily life?


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Purple Wines

With a major rebrand, Purple Wines wanted a new website that could showcase their broad catalog and reflect their sustainable approach. Creating new framework and narrative for Purple, we developed a clean modern site that combined beautiful imagery and a stylized product showcase. All with a scalable design that complimented their updated look and positioning across a range of collateral.


Attik is an internationally recognized branding studio, but not many knew we had expanded our disciplines to include advertising and digital. The first step to re-introducing ourselves to the market was a new website. Employing a full-frame approach, my team created a rich site experience that utilized bold multimedia case studies to demonstrate the integrated nature of our three core disciplines.

Armour 39

Under Armour asked us to introduce their newest product Armour 39 into the exploding wearables market. We came back with an idea that brought together world renowned MMA fighter, Georges St-Pierre, and world-class trainer, Natalie Uhling, and put them through a crazy intense workout. In addition, we developed the UX and interface for the Armour39 online experience that logged your fitness routine and tracked your Willpower.



Scion needed a new site to showcase their upcoming vehicles and focus more on generating dealer leads. We tackled the project with a “three clicks away” philosophy that shaped the UX and design. The final site leveraged their bold campaign imagery, was easily scalable, loaded quickly, and vastly improved users’ brand experience.

Amazing Mix

To launch the new IS, Lexus asked us to create an impactful online extension to their upcoming broadcast campaign. So we adapted their stark black & white look and driving musical track to go absolutely nuts with an interactive video soundboard. By pressing any key or key combinations, users could change visuals in the scene and create their own custom audio/video mashup. Flying acrobats, sharks, kaleidoscopes and fashion models were just a few of the options. Recorded mixes could be revisited or entered into an online competition.



Take on the Machine

We approached the launch of the Scion tC as if it were a 3-D film, including in-theatre lenticular posters and a 3-D cinema teaser. Online, we extended the campaign with additional video chase sequences and developed an intense augmented reality game. For the game, players used an AR marker designed as a steering wheel to navigate the obstacles in the “machine.” A TotM street-team van even drove around to let passers-by view the spot in 3-D and play the AR game live. The site won FWA’s Site of the Day and was named in AdAge’s Best Ads. It also picked up a Merit for best gaming site in the One Show 2011 Entertainment Awards.


Microsoft Office

Sales for Office ’07 were flattening. What had largely been viewed as a business application needed a new lease on life, so we flipped the perception and introduced Office into the home—as being relevant to one’s day-to-day. Online, we developed an approach that dynamically shifted site content based on media targeting—showcasing templates, demos and SKU’s catered to that specific viewer: Student, Home Office or Small Business. This was coupled with an extensive media component that helped push in-ad demos. Oh, and in like 10 languages worldwide.


There was a time (circa 2004-2008) when if you saw an online ad for a film, it was a safe bet that I had made it. Working with a small group at Organic, I produced award-winning campaigns for many high-profile new releases from most of the major studios, including Fox, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Buena Vista, and Paramount. Here are a few of my favorites.

Note, these are all old Flash units and will not play without the Flash plug-in… which can now be blocked by many browsers. (Thanks Steve).

Batman Begins – Overlay

  Harry Potter & The Order of the Phenix – Overlay

V for Vendetta – Overlay
V for Vendetta – Dominoes 728×90
V for Vendetta – Vandal 160×600

  Superman Returns – Space 300×250
Superman Returns – Superman 300×250
Superman Returns – Louis 300×250
Superman Returns – Look Up 160×600

X-Men 3- Wolverine Overlay   The Prestige – Kaleidoscope 300×250
The Prestige – Spiral 300×250
The Prestige – Lines 300×250

300 – Overlay
300 – Gorgo 300×250
300 – Combat 300×250
300 – Death & Glory 160×600

  Night Listener – Truth/Lie Video 300×250
Night Listener – Split 728×90
Night Listener – Behind the Lies 160×600

Fantastic Four – Clobberin’ Time Overlay
Fantastic Four – Ensemble Video 300×250
Fantastic Four – Mr. Fantastic 160×600
Fantastic Four – Human Torch 160×600

  Pink Panther – Wurds Sound Board 300×250
Pink Panther – Disguise 728×90
Pink Panther – Clues 160×600

The DaVinci Code – Thriller 300×250
The DaVinci Code – Mona Lisa 728×90
The DaVinci Code – Langdon 160×600
The DaVinci Code – Bezu 160×600
The DaVinci Code – Sophia 160×600
The DaVinci Code – Silas 160×600

  Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire – MadEye Overlay
Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire – Dragon 300×250
Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire – Goblet Overlay
Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire – Cedric & Cho
Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire – Krum & Hermione
Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire – Ron & Fleur
Ice Age 2 – Meltdown Overlay
Ice Age 2 – Floating 300×250
Ice Age 2 – Looking 300×250
Ice Age 2 – Aqua Play Game 300×250

  Benchwarmers – Wedgie 300×250
Benchwarmers – Chatterboard 728×90
Benchwarmers – Cards 300×250

Robots – Magnet Overlay
Robots – Wonderbot Overlay
Robots – Hang On Overlay

  Hide & Seek – Peek 300×250
Hide & Seek – Curtain 300×250

Many Shades of Gay

The San Francisco AIDS Foundation wanted a way to connect with gay, and bisexual men, and encourage them to get tested for AIDS every six months. To facilitate this, we created an integrated campaign and website that celebrated the broad diversity and colorful personalities within the gay community. Featuring a customizable avatar generator with over six nonillion (that’s 30 zeros!) possible combinations, the site helped to spur conversation help spread awareness. All together, the campaign was picked up nationwide by bloggers and news sites, and even championed on the government’s AIDS blog.