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Facebook AR/VR

Working with Facebook’s (Meta) internal Creative Department, I had the opportunity to partner with many different product marketing and comms teams across the company. Below is a sampling of the marketing content I developed to bring their AR/VR products to life.

Save to VR
The AR/VR team was launching a new feature called “Save To VR” and they wanted a video to help promote it. The feature makes it easy to save immersive content (e.g. 360 videos, 3D photos) from News Feed to your Oculus library, and then experience it later in headset.


Point Cloud
For F8, The Point Cloud team wanted to debut their newest creation— a prototype technology designed to enrich how memories are experienced. The stylized 3D virtual environment highlights key-life moments, evoking the emotional power of experiencing memories with contextual relevance. The video was included in the Day One Keynote and used as an on-the-floor demo— with three explorable rooms and three decades of family moments.



AR/VR Ecosystem
Facebook’s Social VR team wanted to demonstrate how their product library like 360 photos, 3D images, and Quillustrations can be seamlessly experienced and influential across multiple touchpoints, including newsfeed, AR camera, and VR headset. Through a mix of live action and visual effects, this interwoven story explores their multifaceted product offering in an engaging and playful way.


Camera AR
The Camera AR team was set to unveil an array of new features for F8, and they wanted a series of short use-case videos to play on-stage during their presentation. Combining live action with graphic simulations of AR experiences, we scripted and produced a total of 15 standalone vignettes.

Facebook: What’s Happening @

With over 60,000 employees globally, Facebook needed a way to communicate internal information that was relatable and easy-to-consume. Working with the Global Internal Comms team, serving as Head Writer and co-Creative Director, I helped plan, brand, and launch the What’s Happening @ channel—an entertaining and informative hub where employees can enjoy the latest company news, cultural zeitgeist, and insider perspectives. Within the first 12 months of production, we released 107 original pieces of video content for a lineup of four regularly scheduled shows.

A monthly news show highlighting notable company headlines and key cultural moments — delivered with humor and good cheer by a dynamic host. The format includes a 1-on-1 interview segment featuring top Facebook executives as guests.

This monthly interview-style show is focused on getting to know the many different teams across Facebook and highlighting the innovative work they do. In each episode we meet the team leader and key team members, framing their unique story through a distinctive narrative theme.

This light-hearted monthly show travels the world to different Facebook offices for a playful Q&A with the people who work there. It’s an entertaining way to give employees a greater sense of connection to each other while offering a fun snapshot of the Facebook psyche in action.

This quarterly show provides an in-depth look at the extensive planning, cross-functional collaboration, and logistical choreography that goes into pulling off large-scale company events — such as the annual F8 and Oculus Connect conferences.

Promos, Commercials & More
To sustain engagement on the channel, the WH@ team also produces a steady stream of quick-hit content — this includes promotional videos/GIFs/collateral, commercials for company events and programs, fun competitions, and more.

Social Posts
To amplify our reach across Facebook’s internal social platform, we orchestrate a cross-posting strategy with the groups and teams featured in our shows. We also encourage viewer participation through various initiatives.

RED + Facebook 360

Facebook 360 partnered with RED, the camera manufacturer, to develop a first-of-its-kind, 16-lens, 6DoF camera called Manifold. This assignment involved creating a short film that showcases the technical possibilities of the camera, and creating content to support the launch of Manifold at the annual Oculus user conference.

The Complex
To take advantage of Manifold’s full 360° range, and optimize for viewing in Oculus headsets, we scripted and shot one continuous action scene involving 22 characters and 20+ intersecting storylines.


360 Wiggle
Excerpts from the film were shown in isolation to demonstrate how Manifold gives filmmakers the unprecedented ability to achieve a parallax separation between foreground and background objects.


This sizzle highlighted Manifold’s incredible technical specs and cool aesthetic, to support its launch at the annual Oculus user conference, 0C5.