Buster Posey

Right off his win of the 2014 World Series Championship, we brought Buster Posey back to the dealership to reprise his role as the endearing Toyota spokesman, motivator, life coach and all around MVP.

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Amazing Mix

To launch the new IS we developed a interactive sound and video board to showcase the new IS—front and center. Users can press any key on the keyboard to change the visuals in the scene, make a mix and create their own custom audio/video mashup. The online community will get the chance to vote for their favorite video and the winner can win a luxury weekend getaway.

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Discover Your Willpower

To launch Armour 39, Under Armour’s first entry into the sports monitoring category, we developed a comprehensive campaign that tied together from branding to the final spot. As Armour 39 is not for the faint or heart, we made every touch point reflect the intensity and focus of the athletes Under Armour targeted.

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Many Shades of Gay

To help inform San Francisco gay and bisexual men to get HIV tested every six months, we developed the most customizable avatar builder imaginable. This massive Pro-Bono campaign was kicked off during SF Pride festival and drove to ManyShadesOfGay.org for information and a massive HTML5 avatar builder that allowed for six nonillion possible combinations.

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Rear-Wheel Sport is Back

For the highly anticipated launch of the FR-S, we developed a fully integrated campaign using the thrill of the driving experience to highlight the cars’ many motorsport inspired features. The campaign included TV, print and online aimed at driving enthusiasts that leveraged a variety of Digimarc tagged pieces, mobile ads, rich media banners and ‘drivable’ iAds all to learn more about the newest member in the Scion family and it’s rich racing heritage.

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The world’s most innovative auto brand needed a site just as cutting-edge. After previous versions dependent on Flash, Scion.com deserved a faster load time, simple navigation, and a full screen display to make their cars look big and brilliant. And on top of it all, we wanted the site to work smoothly on tablet devices and completely searchable. Moreover, with the site being flexible for integrated marketing efforts and future additions, the Scion.com can now easily evolve with the brand.

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iQ Therefore i Am

To launch Scion’s newest and smallest model, we created the versatile “iQ Therefore i Am” campaign. Being the world’s smallest 4-seater, packing 11 airbags and with the tightest turning radius in America, our campaign focused in on these amazing attributes. With a fully integrated campaign, we took over the web with a set of diverse interactive units.

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Release the Beast

With their first Super Bowl commercial ever, Lexus asked ATTIK to launch the new GS. For the big game, we developed a suspenseful campaign that showcased the edgier more aggressive face of Lexus. We helped spread the word with a teaser campaign that included YouTube takeovers and a series of prelaunch banners.

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Boost Unlimited

A key initiative for Boost Mobile was to convert online purchase consideration into sales. With budgets tightening, we developed a series of dynamic templates that could easily change to stretch across the range of Boost Mobile products and occasions. Whether it was phones, sales, pricing or holiday campaigns, the banners were updated and live in minutes—And with the ability to alter hotspots and color, these banners gave Boost the broad range of creative they needed for their audience.

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High Voltage

For Scion’s Release Series, the High Voltage tC, we summoned the awesomeness of Zeus to help craft this Olympian campaign. With the sharp humor of the gods, we helped broaden Scion’s traditional target audience with a variety of tightly integrated broadcast, print, radio and digital work including iPad ads, ringtones, rich media units and a series of exclusive online videos.

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